Automobile Maintenance

PDR encourages all our customers to be aware of their vehicle's regular service needs. Performing maintenance repairs at scheduled intervals can extend the life of your car or truck. If one of the technicians at PDR has the opportunity to examine your vehicle at least twice a year, we can pinpoint areas that are likely to cause trouble in the future, preventing costly break downs. Recommendations for repairs that may be necessary down the road can be estimated allowing you to budget future repair cost. Each manufacturer publishes regular service recommendations based on your vehicle's mileage and the conditions under which you drive your car or truck. In most cases, the inspections, adjustments, and parts replacements to be performed are very specific to the vehicle's make, model, and production date. We will gladly email or fax a checklist to you, detailing the services that are recommended for your vehicle at each mileage interval. This information can usually be found in your vehicle's manual as well.

PDR will design a PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN specific to you and your vehicle needs - just ask for one. Performing auto repair in champaign, Urbana and surrounding areas.